Monday, 23 January 2012

Indisputably MalAdroit

RBS was fined £2m after managers in its complaints division encouraged junior employees to alter closed complaints file.

When organisations handle sensitive data internally our latent fears are brought to the fore.

Whether naughty organisations alter sensitive information or well behaved organisations don’t, they always have the capacity to do so.

The result is that their Research ‘findings’, or position in a league table, or data presented to share holders, are always treated with scepticism: In Adroit-e’s view such scepticism is justifiable.

A well known holiday camp operator never had any complaints about the cleanliness of the chalets – they found out why, when cleaners were found tearing up satisfaction surveys and binning them.

Adroit -e installed a self selection touch screen system for a well known foreign exchange company in airports. We discovered a manager tampering with the data to make it more positive – we could do this because we had installed back checking and timed input detection systems.

Complaints systems, compliments systems, satisfaction systems should all be handled by independent 3rd parties.

It was recommended this week that the disgraced former Head of RBS, Sir Fred Goodwin should be stripped of his knighthood for his activities leading to the bank crisis – it’s all part of the same package.

Heads on spikes for all those who claim to know their customers and internalise satisfaction research!