Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Undeniably Adroit-e

Adroit-e’s intrepid researchers have discovered lots of things we didn't know last year!

In 1941 National surveys in the UK asked how many bras women owned.

Aristotle was the last individual to know everything that was known at the time.

Women's tears reduce sexual desire in men.

People with full bladders make better decisions.

About 40% of skyscrapers due to be completed in the next six years will be in China.

More than 90% of UK schoolchildren study Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

Preston bus station is on this year's list of at-risk cultural heritage sites, along with the Nazca Lines in Peru and a Greek cemetery.

One in six people live in India.

The average person uses 20,000 words, with another 40,000 in reserve.
Swearing relieves pain.

Humans stare longer at people with bad reputations

The average Briton suffers 726 hangovers in a lifetime.

A Guid New Year to ane and a’