Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Patron Saint of Research

Country Music is famed for its philosophers with Willie Nelson as the Plato figure  -  Ranking alongside Socrates is Sinatra (Nancy).

These Boots are made for Walking’ is a clear exhortation for businesses in the summer doldrums to get out there and make things happen.

She is even more profound when she sings, You been ‘sameing’ when you should a’been a’changing - listen up banks still doleing out  advice from the ‘Ministry of the bleedin’ obvious’ alongside no loans - despite the brand makeovers you ain’t changing  you are sameing.
Patron Saint of Research
But the sublime insight comes from ‘you’ve been lying when you should a’been a truthin’. She invents a verb ‘to truth’ - Fabulous - Are you truthin’ in your advertising  - are your claims backed up by rigorous dispassionate advice  from independent research agencies – or like many, are you relying on inherehently, skewed information of the dross variety. 

Vote for Nancy Sinatra as the Patron Saint of Truthful Research!