Monday, 25 July 2011

Does everyone who lists themselves as an active jobseeker want a job - Adroit-e thinks not!

We believe, following our genuine job offers, that the 'thanks but no thanks' brigade goes beyond the usual supects.

Earlier this month Adroit-e attended the Watford Jobs Fair, where exhibitors had to have a job on offer as the criterion for exhibiting.

Attendees ( jobseekers) attended in their thousands - Adroit-e was complimented frequently on our 'sympatico stance' comparing favourably with other companies.

We conducted interviews after the event and made three offers tailored to the needs of the applicant - all claimed to be excited by the opportunity - on reflection all offered their excuses and left.

Work shy are not just 'loafers' - our experience suggests these seekers appeared to be active, but the inconveniences posed by are a particular offer just put them off - 'maybe something else will turn up - with a bit of luck the perfect job.....'

Adroit-e can't solve the problems of employability world but offers one contribution - Make CV's informative - in France all CV's include photographs, date of birth etc - in the UK political correctness has ensured that almost every CV Adroit-e gets is featureless and anodyne - crammed full of the same words merely rearranged into different sentences. Applicants from abroad subscribe to this and consequently achieve interviews more readily - Applicants - put yourselves in employers shoes and tell them what they need to know!

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Killer question:  
How confident are you about growth in the job market for the next year? 
Visitors reading 48% dark hand 
Exhibitors reading 53% light hand