Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The following fab link suggests the drummer is at the wrong gig.

Double Rubbish!

The facts show that clad in gold lurex, a band at a low grade gig in the US delivers a reasonable take on a rock classic. The drummer produces a huge over the top performace while his guitarist colleagues remain stolid; OK but uninspiring.

If Adroit-e were to deliver recommendations in an Insight Report when presented with this set of circumstances we would opine:

’To move the band forward to greater financial prosperity, Adroit-e disputes the findings and recommends the drummer should stay and the guitarists should leave. There is considerable evidence to suggest that the live Music scene is growing rapidly both as a means to promote download sales of established bands ant to promote unsigned bands. The drummer is the core component  and needs more striking and accomplished musicians to devleop a group with a key differentiator in the live music segment.

The curent finding, suggesting the drummer moves and replaced by a skin basher more akin to the stale performances of the guitarists, is in Adroit-e’s view, unlikely to lead to an increase in gigs or in volume of download sales. The 11m+ hits on the  video clip are surely to watch the drummer – but the new band could lose the lurex jackets.’