Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Localism and Centralism Bill

There are 2 elements of the Localism and Centralism Bill that will require INDEPENDENT agencies are engaged to provide evidence to ensure that the views of local residents are presented in a legal, honest and truthful way.
  • Return decision-making powers on housing and planning to local councils.
  • Give residents the power to instigate local referendums on any local issue and the power to veto excessive council tax increases.
Recently, Adroit-e has had experience of having to intervene when highly skewed results were presented as ‘the views of residents’ – they were in fact wholly unreliable.

Our approaches are digitally based, but involve a human interface. Normally we do not encourage online polling as the results are based on self selection which does not always produce robust data – some approaches too allow respondents the opportunity to fill in the questionnaire many times thus producing gross inaccuracies.

Attention to detail is crucial and we can cope with the most complex of briefs.

‘At last someone who understands what I’m on about’ (Chair local residents association 050710).