Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Don't let the Localism Bill become a Nimby's Charter

National House Federation Chief Executive David Orr said in May 'Don't let the Localism Bill become a Nimby's Charter'

Commenting on the forthcoming legislation, Federation chief executive David Orr said: "It’s right that local communities should have a say on whether new homes and developments are built in their area – and we support the Government’s localism agenda."

"However, with waiting lists for social homes at record levels, we must ensure that this approach will still deliver the new homes the country desperately needs and does not become a Nimby’s charter."

Adroit-e is convinced that for any particular Planning Application the quality of evidence must prevail.

Discussions with experts  have concentrated on different funding mechanisms which can and have been brought into play to ensure that an appropriately qualified, independent research agency can work with local people.

I have also been in discussion about the advantages and dangers of collecting data digitally. If collected inappropriately, and we have experience of pressure groups running Polls from their websites, then arrant nonsense often prevails. In the hands of Numpties one person can complete a survey many times. So while the respondents may apparently show a number in the hundreds, only a few people have been filling in the survey forms, hopelessly skewing the results. No Planning committee will listen to the results of X Factor style Block voting.

We eschew such practices and adopt many highly original and reliable approaches. We do not guarantee that they will produce the answers a client wants, but they are properly representative and wholly believable.