Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What Planning Committees Need: Evidence Evidence Evidence

Here is the relevant  extract from Hansard: 

A Bill will be introduced to devolve greater powers to councils and neighbourhoods and give local communities control over housing and planning decisions. Coming under the rubric Big Society a Decentralisation and Localism Bill will set out new powers for local communities. Ultimately, if this system is to stand the test of time and sound judgment, an even greater emphasis on reliable evidence of what the people are thinking (not just pressure groups or lobbyists) will be required by local planning committees.

That is why Adroit-e’s public consultation procedures, already activated local councils,  Planning Committees, Tesco etc will be even more relevant both in putting forward sensible planning proposals in the face of vested interest opposition and in preventing poor planning application being awarded despite opposition from the majority of citizens.

We have available a clear outline case study of an in-depth public consultation exercise undertaken by Adroit-e in co-operation with the local council and the Planning Officer.