Friday, 2 August 2013

The State of Readiness or not of Local Parliamentary Parties

The State of  Readiness  or not of Local Parliamentary Parties

The 2010 election and its subsequent aftermath was a memorable political event.
 [You’ll remember the next bit, but some local party chiefs seem to have forgotten -None of the parties managed to secure the 326 seats needed for an overall majority. Although, the Conservative Party won the largest number of votes and seats they still fell twenty seats short. This resulted in a hung parliament. Deep talks between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats began instantly and finally a coalition government was announced.]

 It was a close thing.

 Fast forward a few years to the present 2013 and we are less than 2 years away from the next election, scheduled ( for the first time ever  as a fixed date) for 7th May 2015.
The normally fierce competition between the three main parties has been ramped up a few gears, considering the closeness of many of the 2010 scores. The Conservative Party have launched a 40/40 strategy aimed at winning the next election - based on holding 40 marginal seats and winning 40 target seats.

Adroit-e has already worked with a number of MP’s including those from marginal constituencies. Adroit-e conducted sensitivity polling analyses, within the many layers of the constituency, to ascertain the MP’s personal ratings and those of the party with existing and new voters. – ‘Hmm,  Should I bother standing again or not?’ – evidence based decision making.

Currently we are conducting research into the state of preparedness of all marginal constituencies. And shock, horror, our findings show that many of the losers in the battle for the constituency ain’t geared up for the fight yet.

Regardless of party, we have discovered that the local political machines, too often, have yet to put the basics in place; the details of the candidate, a useful. informative website, details of policies, details of public appearances etc
Adroit-e has done the research, and it’s scarcely a state secret, which shows that it takes a long time to build brand loyalty or a buzz around the brand. Two years? At least!

Adroit-e Comments: If you want to unseat the present incumbent best be getting on with it –like now.