Allow marketing to the RSA Fellowship Directory!

The RSA’ Fellowship directory is an ‘opt-in’ search directory for the 27,000 strong Fellowship. Fellows are encouraged to view the directory as an opportunity to source other Fellows and collaborate, re-connect, nominate, or build networks.’

But we are not allowed to market ourselves or our services through this database. Why on earth not!  The Fellowship team displays that typical queasiness of the third sector when confronted with ‘for profit’ activities.

 The mimsy prose continues:-  This directory should not be used for marketing purposes. If you think you are being emailed by a person or organisation abusing the Fellowship directory please contact the Fellowship team.’

Direct Marketing is a major and useful technique to inform people of products and services.  Panorama recently exposed the enormous non sustainable waste of paper of direct mailing practices through direct mail.  Would contacting the data base of Fellows be the lesser of two evils –Commercial people will try to grow our businesses – how else do you suggest we do it? The RSA still retains Commerce in its title – I request strongly that the RSA relax its rules for genuine entrepreneurs who would like to inform interested parties about innovation and recent development.

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