Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cultural Difference

What do you call a teacher leading a group of 20 children aged 12 t o 13 on bicycles up a one way street the wrong way in the middle of the rush hour.

Stupid? Highly dangerous? Certifiable?

Actually the term is ‘cultural difference’. That scenario is precisely what I’ve just witnessed from my window in the medieval city of Bruges in Belgium. There, a law has been passed stating that rules applying to one way streets apply to motorists not cyclists. Almost everyone cycles, young and old - a different culture from the UK.

So what the teacher was doing was clearly legal – if you still consider it unwise, then that is your perception, and your attitude to the prevailing practices.

Research in your Care Home can be conducted to understand better attitudes to and perceptions of the prevailing culture within the Home.  Is it friendly, professional, caring and responsive? What to Residents think, or their families – what do staff think – what do suppliers think – what does the local community think?

Let us design a questionnaire with you, circulate it online to your Care Home’s Residents and  families and compile a fully data checked Topline Report...