Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Time for a shiny new motor?

Time for a shiny new motor?

Here's a conversation that you have never overheard.

'I hear you have a Renault Megane - we'd like to swop it for a Bentley!'

'Don't be silly, I couldn't afford that!'

'We guarantee it'll be the same price as you are already paying.'

'Let me get this straight - you'd offer me a Bentley for the same price as my Megane.'


'Well I don't want it, the Megane suits me fine.'

This conversation happens all the time in the research world. Marketing Directors, and Research Directors cling on to their dear old research methods because .... well often just because.

In my world of Quant -> Qual, we have implemented great changes that still mean the same low prices - improved technologies often don't command a higher price.

So FD's CFO's and their pals need to embrace the new and accept change in research - our Insights will be all the more powerful.......... come to think of it maybe that's the issue - surely they can't be afraid of improved access to commercial truths ???

Jonathan Brill