Thursday, 24 November 2011

Adroit Pragmatic Innovation

It’s about taking what works in one segment and delivering it in another –it may be best understood as a recombination of existing practices - so we are not talking imaginative daydreams, nor uncharted leaps into the unknown. Our best ideas are often technologically incremental, which genuinely extend research boundaries.

For instance, we are extending research practices we have developed for high value international exhibitions for one day agricultural shows.

Again, we are using sophisticated on line research approaches, developed for the corporate market, in schools, to identify instances of cyber bullying with a high level of accuracy.

Equally, working with increasing numbers of MPs, we have adapted a series of well grooved- in research techniques to deliver a comprehensive, research programme in each constituency.

There’s more – but at this stage it’s just important to reflect from your viewpoint what would constitute a valuable leap in business development and whether research could help. Just don’t design the research techniques until we’ve given some thought and developed insights into the issues. Adroit pragmatism – the key to innovation.