Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mille Feuille

Sell me Mille Feuille!  - it’s a wondrous concoction invented in France meaning 1000 layers of pastry – fantastically light it is filled with a wondrous sweet paste tasting variously of vanilla…..

Pah! -It’s a cake – it’s just a cake – it’s not a garage – it’s not a bank!

KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid – in the need to attract interest and resource to complex projects, be they about Sustainable Communities or advanced training projects for volunteer systems throughout the world, please note the dominance of the complicators not the simplifiers  -  send me a simplifier any day of the week.

Northhead said seek simplicity in all things and then distrust it – it’s at that level, once we have simplified the idea that we should put our real effort - is it good enough? - can we sell it or should we reject it and try again. Time to rediscover Occam’s Razor - The law of succinctness – Don’t add what is not needed.