Thursday, 30 September 2010

Does your university website reflect its brand properly to overseas students?

On the one hand, Heather Christie’s argues,
“International students bring in money, innovation and good diplomatic connections -- 3 things that the UK need right now”

On the other hand for one student, “in one tutorial, out of 18 students only 2 spoke English as their first language making discussions a nightmare”

Adroit-e Research, by working with students at your university, can determine independently the extent to which the perceptions and attitudes of current students from overseas can be reliably presented to prospective overseas students.

League tables and course content are naturally major features in determining choice. However, the differentiator could well be an accurate summary of how overseas students at the university feel they are being treated. For further information, please visit the Adroit-e Research website at or phone us at 01582 463479.