Thursday, 14 October 2010

Brill's Maxims 2

Following the previous blog, which aims to eradicate false hope from the company, corpus I offer the following up for your perusal

Brill Maxim Number 2

‘No News is no News’

Too much time is spent by sales people, appointment setters or deal makers waiting for the right guy to get back to them –‘Hey Jim, how’s that deal panning out?’ -  ‘Heard nuthin’ yet but you know what they say …….. no news is……’
At this point explain to Jim the phrase ’SHUT UP!’ Jim may be claiming to know what his contact is up to , he may be giving the deal enough time to cook, he may be lazy and covering his non activity – Whatever – there is no correlation between waiting for the news and the acceptance that it will be positive – do not factor ‘no news’ into your positives – for that matter don’t factor it into your negatives either – your guy may be considering your proposition carefully or he may have forgotten all about it – it is what it is - No News – plan your next move Now!